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  Duryea HillClimb, August 17th and 18th  

This page is dedicated to details for people wishing to come and watch the upcoming BMR SCCA Event. 

Event Overview 
The Duryea HillClimb is an SCCA Time Trials event with cars competing one at a time with the goal to set the fastest single pass time in their class up the hill.
The Start line is just a few feet up from the intersection of Clymer Street and Duryea Drive, and the Finish line is in front of the historic William Penn Memorial Fire Tower.
The length of the course is about 2.3 miles.
Here is a map of the current course:

Course map with Corner Numbers:
Course map with Corner Numbers
Click Map for larger version

Spectating Information 
- Competition is from approximately 9am-4pm both days.
- Entry is by donation on site.
     - Donations go to Pagoda-Skyline, Inc. which is a non-profit, citizen volunteer organization dedicated to the restoration and preservation of the Pagoda, the Fire Tower and the Skyline Drive area.
- Clymer St., between Walnut St. and Hill Rd., is closed off and this is where the cars pit.
- There is no dedicated parking. You can park anywhere in the area of Walnut St. and 13th St./Clymer St. or down in city park to access the lower portion of the course and the pits.

- You can access Turns 2, 3, and 4 by walking up Lombard Street and hiking on a short path up the hill.
     - There are Bleachers between turns 2 and 3.
- You can also access Turns 7 and 8 by parking near the intersection of Hill Rd and Hill Rd, and hiking up a short path in the woods.
     - There are Bleachers between turns 7 and 8.

- There will be a Shuttle Bus for spectators to take. The shuttle will all the way to the fire tower / finish line and return, with stops at several points along the way.
     - Rider-ship is by donation with donations going to the Reading Recreation Center at Third and Spruce.
     - Shuttle picks up from the intersection of Clymer St. and Hill Rd.

If you would like to print out a few and post them on bulletin boards, a larger size is here .