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RallyTrials and RallySprints are intended to be a middle ground between RallyCross and full out stage rally competition.

RallyTrials are intended to allow for an experienced RallyCross competitor, with an increase in safety equipment, to move up to a higher level of RallyCross style competition.

RallySprints are intended for experienced RallyCross and RallyTrials competitors to get the Stage Rally Experience on a smaller scale and require an even higher level of safety preparation than RallyTrials.

RallySprint courses allow for higher speeds and more-challenging driving conditions than those allowed in RallyCross and RallyTrials.

RallySprint is intended to appeal to RallyCross or RallyTrials drivers who want to move to the next level of the sport and to current stage rally drivers who are seeking alternate venues to compete in their rally cars.

RallySprint and RallyTrials are motorsports events in which one vehicle at a time navigates a clearly defined course, with elapsed time plus penalties for course deviations being the determining factor for awards. Although side-by-side competition is not allowed, more than one vehicle may be on course at the same time provided they are separated on course by adequate time and distance to eliminate any possibility of a passing situation.

A RallyTrials is similar to a RallyCross event but with longer courses and higher speeds allowed. Like RallyCross, RallyTrials events are run on primarily flat, expansive dirt or gravel surfaces with minimal fixed objects, exposures and hazards on the course site. Examples include large dirt/gravel parking areas or other appropriate open areas such as fields or off road parks. Also like RallyCross, the entire RallyTrials course is delineated by upright and pointer cones.

A RallySprint is similar to a rally-type stage but with a relatively short stage length and lower speeds than typically encountered in stage rally. RallySprint events are run on sections of dirt, gravel or snow-covered roads or trails that are closed to the public. The course is primarily delineated by the roadway, with upright and pointer cones placed at key locations for way-finding and hazard-warning purposes. RallySprint events are typically run on off-road/rally school sites and short sections of dirt/gravel roads.

More details on SCCA RallySprint can be found here .
You can download the current rules here .

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