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  Message from our Regional Executive  

It is a pleasure to be the newly elected RE for 2022.
Thank you to Merlin Miller for his long service as RE (the one and only Grand Poohbah)
BMR has a long history of working together for the good of the sports car community. The club is also dedicated to the local community.
I strongly encourage all members to participate in our events and activities.
We have a strong nucleus of active members who put forth great effort to make things happen. We hope to expand this group.
BMR is a key part of the PHA. Duryea hillclimb, Pagoda hillclimb and Spring Jefferson track event( at Summit Point Raceway.) are all BMR events.
We are proud of these events and our goal is to continue to successfully carry on the tradition.
You are welcome to contact me with ideas, opinions, and questions. Your involvement is an essential part of the club's success.
Thank you to past and present board and committee members. BMR is a team effort.

I can be reached at 484 269 1508 or by e-mail .